IT Service Delivery Manager

Dernière mise à jour : 16 sept. 2021

Based in Germany


• Develop quarterly metrics (OKR's) per service, and lead activities to improve those metrics.

• Analyse services user journeys based on available data and UX exercises with the aim of improve adoption, usage and increase customer satisfaction.

• Support continuous improvement activities of services related to enhancement of operational items such delays, glitches, etc.

• Executing product implementation, taking input from product leadership, sales, technology and turning requests from varied stakeholders into a logical and actionable product backlog with clearly written user stories and acceptance criteria

• Based on UX exercises and collected analytics assess implementation of new features, user journey changes, or user journey improvements of existing services

• Support/Lead implementation of new services

• Lead the implementation of an analytics tool (e.g. google analytics) for Multimedia services to concretely measure service usage

• Lead the implementation of feature flag tools and experimentation tools on the head unit (e.g. Optimizely)

• Lead service stabilization activities to identify and solve recurrent problems

• Support on L3 level issue resolution of service delivery problems that require user flows adjustments/changes

• Participate in internal service quality improvement activities

• Support discussion with suppliers for major flow adjustments and major issues impacting service delivery

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